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Travel - Venice

Venice, city of water, city of canals, city of masks and city of bridges and a UNESCO world heritage site. I think it is a paradise for photographers, both amateurs and professionals. It has everything for every interest such as architectures, artworks, seascapes and landscapes and ofcourse people.


The main square, known as Piazza San Marco, is one of the iconic places in Venice with the view to St Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace.

St. Marco Basilica

Venice is located across a group of 118 small islands, which are separated by canals and linked by bridges. The canals are beautiful specially at nights and are perfect landscapes for photography.


The main transport in Venice is boat! so you can find any kind of boat that you can imagine, from the biggest cruise ships to the smallest boats.


Grand Canal is the main corridor in the city. There are many public transports you can find here and explore the Grand Canal, such as water buses, private taxi boats and Gondola, the traditional Venetian rowing boat.

Grand Canal, Venice
Grand Canal, Gondola

During the day and night, you can enjoy listening to music in St Mark's Square. There are many restaurants with music bands.


Apart from the landscapes and architectures, spend some times to see the Venetians and tourists. You may find some interesting faces!


If you want see Venice from above, you can go up the Bell Tower in St Mark's Square. It has elevator so don't worry about the stairs!


There are many Mask shops in Venice. You may notice a shop which its masks featured in film productions like Eyes Wide Shut. it's called Ca’Macana.


And the food, well, being part of the Italy, you will find all Italian foods in Venice. Also, being an island, you can experience many different seafoods.


And finally, don't forget the sunsets in Venice. You can get a water bus before the sunset to see an eye-catching view of the sunset over the city.

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