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Travel - RSPB Fowlsheugh

Fowlsheugh is a coastal natural reserve, Northeast of Scotland, 30km South of Aberdeen and about 5km South of Dunnottar Castle. This location can be reached by car via A92 from Stonehaven.

Follow the coastal road to the South towards Montrose, pass the Dunnottar Castle exit, after about 2.5km, look for Crawton exit on the left. Take the exit towards the sea and you will reach to the RSPB Fowlsheugh in couple of minutes. This is a single track road so be aware of the coming cars.

There are about 10 car park spaces at the end of the road. Make sure to park in one of those spaces if available, otherwise you may block the road.

Fowlsheugh is known for its cliffs and habitat of seabirds species during Spring and Summer time. Tens of thousands of birds return to the site every spring to breed, after wintering at sea or in more southern climates. The main species which can be found in this location are puffins, razorbills, kittiwakes, fulmars and guillemots.

Between April to the end of July, there are more than 170,000 birds inhabit Fowlsheugh, this number of birds places Fowlsheugh as the second largest seabird colony in Britain.

Puffins are one of the most interesting birds that you can see there. They can be easily recognised by their marked red and black beak and orange legs. You need to walk to the end of the Reserve, about 1.5km, where there is a higher chance of seeing the Puffins. Bringing a binoculars is a good idea to be able to see them better.

Apart from the puffins, there are razorbills, kittiwakes, fulmars and guillemots. There are so many of them which you cannot miss them!

On the way, watch for other non-seabirds such as Yellowhammers. If you are lucky, you may see them.

The view of the Fowlsheugh is eye-catching. You would enjoy the view of the sea from the cliffs on one side and the nature and the greens on the other side.

On the way back, before returning to the car park, turn left. After passing a few houses, there is a gate on the left which lead you to a waterfall.

The total walk would be around 3km, easy walk. There are benches on the way to seat and enjoy the view and to listen to the noises from the birds!

For more information, visit RSPB Fowlshuegh website.

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